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About Us

WestPoint Safety has been born out of a passion to help empower individuals to take an active role in their own, and their loved ones, personal safety. We provide a firearms training experience that will develop and hone the skills of beginners and experienced shooters alike. Our mission is to arm individuals with the knowledge and confidence necessary to be responsible gun owners and educated concealed firearm permit holders.

With a consistent rise in trouble and unrest in the world and communities around us, I began to realize the necessity of taking personal responsibility for the safety of my family. Realizing that no matter how much I wanted to protect them, without the tools to do so, our options were limited. As I implemented the base structure, including pursuing the training and legal requirements to responsibly carry and conceal a firearm, I have chosen to encourage others in my social circles to consider their responsibility for their own personal safety. I have found that many, particularly women, who were interested but had no idea how to go about learning and becoming confident, just need some guidance and reassurance.

Since the start, the goal has been to provide a fun and safe environment to increase your knowledge as a responsible firearms owner. With that idea, I have taken it upon myself to become a USCCA Certified Instructor and increase the experience that I can utilize to assist the future responsibly armed citizens of our country.