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Here at WestPoint Safety were proud to present the Laser Strike Systems training equipment. It's truly a minimal effort set-up with long-lasting benefits. Head on over to their site and use code WPS22  to recieve 10% off for the Laser Trainer Pack 5, Laser Strike Stand, and Laser Strike Magnetic Wall Mount items. Or 20 % off the Laser Strike Target Pack.  Remember to use the code in the "REFERRAL CODE OPTION" on the site to get your discount.

Note: You'll need a laser that blinks with your trigger which is different then a bore sight laser. Laserlyte can be found on this site and Laser Strike above. 

Now, if you'd like to reach another level, and also feel like it can be a hassle to utilize your personal firearm that could require constant racking, or setting the hammer back to train, then I have another solution that will provide an ultimate training experience. Below is the SIRT Pistol by Next Level Training.

I highly recommend following the hyperlinks above to their site for more information and feel free to use coupon code WPS10  to get 10% off any of their individual items. The code will not work for bundles.

These are the tools I use as a USCCA Instructor to teach my family, friends, and students.

NOW IN STOCK, the USCCA Fundamental books for furthering your knowledge before or after in-person classes. Go to the ACCESSORIES pg.