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Gil’s WestPoint Safety


  • $75 per person on events.


  • Minimum number of people needed to start an event is 4 with a max number of 10 people per event.
  • Each participant will send their own email to for individual confirmation on price and personal request.
  • Events will be held as rosters are filled. Send me an email for a particular event you want to join and I'll start a queue that will tally up to the required attendance, I'll then notify those on the roster when the event triggers. You can also add in the email when you would like to participate, for example, you don't want to join unless there is 10 total for the competition you chose.
  • For events consisting of more than 4 people in attendance, a 4x4 capable vehicle will be ideal to join and help bring people to the event site. There are multiple sites and depending on the events chosen, will determine the location. All equipment will still be transported by me. If no 4x4 vehicle is available the event can still be held, more coordination will be required, and overall time would increase.
  • Water will be provided; events can take a couple of hours to complete depending on what is being done, remember to bring snacks if needed. The shooting site is roughly 45min from the North Salt Lake gathering point.
  • The gathering point can also be adjusted depending on group size, always up for coordinating the easiest route. Your firearms are also always welcome, practicing with what you own for a couple of repetitions is always a positive.
  • The gathering time will usually be set between 8 am and 9 am, the earlier we set out, usually the better.
  • Email me with any questions.

**No Steel Core Ammunition Allowed**

**working on adding more convenient locations** 

Standard Rules:

  • All weapons will remain on provided table unless up to fire or holstered.
  • OWB (outside the waistband) carry is the only acceptable carry unless otherwise discussed.
  • TREAT every weapon as if it were loaded.
  • NEVER point your weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot.
  • KEEP your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
  • AWAYS be sure of your target and what's beyond it.
  • Hearing and eye protection are to be worn during firing at all times (some rentals available).
  • Closed-toed shoes.


Prize will always depend on future research

  • When an event is set I'll then ask the group to vote on a desired prize for the 1st place winner.
  • The prize will depend on the number of people in the event.
  • 2nd place winner gets 50 rounds of a supported caliber available only to competitions with more than 4 people.
  • These are examples of what's available, when the competition gets set I'll give a current list of options if they have changed.
  • Competition can be added to Handgun Day, Shotguns, Tactical Shooting, and Shooters day where we'd combine or come up with something fun.

Prizes per group size examples:

1 - 4
  • X1 Tactix AARD
  • X1 Tactix RRD
  • Romeo - MSR 1x20mm

4 - 9
  • CT Brushline 3-9x40
  • CT Brushline 4-12x40
  • Holosun Micro Sight

  • Romeo MSR/ Juliet3 Micro kit
  • DPMS MOE Lower Build Kit with Panther Polished Trigger

Referral Incentive: 1 free rental and 25 rds (Emails needed to confirm)

Beginners Handgun Introduction:

  • This is available to first-time customers only.
  • We will meet at a Range that is indoor or outdoor we can discuss a suitable location.
  • I will get the lane and targets at either location, you will have to do a liability waiver if you have not been there before.
  • This like the title says, is for a beginner, we will go over weapon safety, including how to hold and aim a firearm, proper trigger control,  and we'll make sure before you leave your hitting some paper and feeling more comfortable than when you first started.

Firearms and Ammunition included:

  • Taurus TX22
  • 22lr - 50 rds.

  • Walther PPQ M2
  • 9mm - 25 rds.

Price - $100

Private Lesson

  • We will meet at a Range that is indoor or outdoor we can discuss a suitable location.
  • Recommend you bring your personal pistol and ammo to continue practice and familiarization with what you own.
  • Recommend 10 magazines worth of ammunition.
  • We will work on trigger control, hand grip, and work on speed and accuracy for your level.
  • I will get the targets and lane to shoot at, you will have to do a liability waiver if you have not been there before.
  • I will also bring 2 additional pistols of your choice if asked for, ammo will need to be bought depending on what's chosen and what you already have. The idea is to try something different in the same caliber you own or try something new.

Price - $100

Private Lesson-Concealed Carry Mentality 
All of the above applies, but we'll move to the location where the events are held since space will be better utilized, and there will be no other distractions that come with indoor ranges. 
Well discuss what the concealed carry mentality is, and put into practice some of the ideas and drills that follow, such as a Tap Rack Roll Drill where you practice clearing malfunctions to better practice for a possible real-life scenario.
Well also practice drawing from the holster, the steps it involves, and key factors to implement.
**working on adding more convenient locations** 
Price - $150 +30 per additional person, up to 4 total.

Caliber 101

  • This is designed for one person, but up to 4 people can join for the price shown below. The adjustment in price will be in the ammunition needed to support more people.

Firearms Included:

  • 1x 22lr Pistol
  • 1x 380 ACP Pistol
  • 2x 9mm Pistol (1 compact, 1 Not)
  • 1x 40 S&W
  • 1x 45 ACP

  • 1x 300 Blackout or 223/556
  • 1x 12 gauge shotgun

  • Each weapon will come with 2 magazines of ammunition except the compact 9mm will be just 1. The rifle choice will come with 20 rounds.

Price - $285

Additional rentals and ammo are available for supported calibers.

Home Defense:

  • This is for a look at how dynamic and personal home defense options are. Many users tend to find that operating a rifle will be the most accurate and easy-to-use weapon due to its low recoil and multiple points of contact. That's not to say a Pistol or Shotgun doesn't suit you, but in this group of firearms, you will certainly be able to find the type that suits you.
  • This is for 1-4 people, the price gets split between the attendees.
  • We'll also talk about scenarios, perform some drills in a volunteer manner and discuss helpful information that pertains to your self-defense.

Firearms Included:

  • Taurus TX22 - 22LR
  • Walther PPQ M2 -9mm
  • Glock - 40 S&W
  • Brigade Manufacturing - BM9 ( AR style 9mm)
  • Palmetto State Armory - AR Pistol 300 AAC Blackout
  • PSA- AR Pistol .223/.556
  • Mossberg Tactical Shotgun -12 Gauge
  • Mossberg Shockwave - 12 Gauge

Price - $225 +25 per additional person, up to 4 total.

Ammo not included. Rentals are available to be added, and ammo pricing is down below as well.

Handgun Day:

  • 5 reps = 50pts 12-15yds
  • The long shot +5 points 25yds
  • Time +3points

  • Option1: The same weapon is provided for everyone to use. $5 in addition to each individual price for the rental fee.
  • Option2: Choice of agreed-upon caliber to use. (You bring your own)
  • You will need to bring 51 bullets or buy 50 of the supported caliber that's chosen for the competition.
  • Rentals are available for supported calibers.
  • Individual scoring sheets with name, weapon, and caliber used will be made to track performance.
  • A timer will be used to track speed. This will also help as a built-in training/practice method for your personal growth.
  • 1 rep = 1 turn
  • People will rotate from 1 through 10 or however many people are in the event.
  • I will also bring enough ammo for everyone to get a practice round in.
  • Each rep will consist of firing 10 rounds. I recommend using a magazine capacity that holds 10 rounds at a minimum in order to remove the need to reload in the middle of a turn. You will fire at a speed rack holding 5 plates, each ping will equal 1 point.


  • Individual scoring sheets with name, weapon, and caliber used will be made to track performance.
  • A timer will be used to track speed. This will also help as a built-in training/practice method for your personal growth.
  • I will also bring enough ammo for everyone to get a practice round in.

Drill 1: Tactical Shotgun

  • 4 clay holders, and a clay launcher.
  • The drill consists of shooting the 4 stationary clays and then shooting the launched one.
  • 5 reps = 25 pts

Drill 2: Shockwave

  • Same drill without launcher shot
  • 3 reps = 12 pts
  • You'll need 37 birdshot rounds or $15 and I can provide them.
  • +$10 to each individual for rentals and clays.

Tactical Shooting:

  • You will run a 9-hole drill shooting a body silhouette followed by a 5-7yd movement, and run a handgun drill on the speed rack.
  • Individual scoring sheets with name, weapon, and caliber used, will be made to track performance.
  • Bring your own rifle and pistol, practice is always ideal with your own weapon.
  • OWB holster required for a handgun.
  • Sling is required for a rifle.
  • Rentals and ammo supply for supported calibers.
  • This event is a more rigorous drill, it is meant for weapon handling improvement, you will shoot in awkward positions and practice rapid target acquisition. This can also be done in a competition style, email for more details and understanding.

Shooters Day:

    • This option is designed for you to personalize the day however you'd like.

    • Pick the weapons.
    • Pick the amount of ammo.
    • Pick the distances you want to shoot.

  • Do you need to sight a weapon? We can also do that.

Available targets:

  • Speed rack - 5 plates (great for pistol shooting)
  • 3 variations of Body Silhouettes for short to long-distance shooting.
  • Drop down target
  • Clay holders
  • Clay launcher

Shooting Prop:

  • 9 Hole
  • 55gal Drum
  • Gun rest for rifles

Starting Price - $150

Hearing and Eye Protection:

  • You can bring your own.
  • $10 - Noise canceling hearing, and eye-protective glasses.

Calibers and current pricing:

    • Ammo can also be bought in 25-round increments.

    • 22LR
    • $6 - 50 rds

    • 380 ACP
    • $18 - 50 rds

    • 9mm
    • $18- 50 rd

    • 40 S&W
    • $18- 50 rd

    • 45 ACP
    • $23 50 rds

    • 223 Rem
    • $25 - 50rds

    • 300 Blackout
    • $25 - 30 rds

  • 12 Gauge
  • $10 - 25rds

Rentable Firearms - 10$ each


  • Taurus TX22 Pistol
  • M&P EZ 380 ACP Pistol
  • Taurus G2S 9mm Pistol
  • Taurus G3C 9mm Pistol
  • Walther PPQ M2 9mm Pistol
  • Glock 40 S&W Pistol
  • Springfield 1911 45 ACP pistol


  • Henry Youth 22lr Lever Action rifle
  • BM9 (Brigade Manufacturing) AR9 Pistol
  • Palmetto State Armory Lower (custom upper) AR Pistol 223/556
  • Palmetto State Armory -AR Pistol 300 AAC Blackout


  • Mossberg Tactical Shotgun 12 Gauge
  • Mossberg Shockwave 12 Gauge